Top 5 Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) Trends to Watch in 2021

Top 5 Business Processing Outsourcing

Every business aims to grow in this competitive world in which reaching diverse groups of audiences while driving a reasonable amount of profit becomes the central objective. There are many industries that bear witness to significant growth. However, BPO is, hands-down, the fastest growing industry across the globe. Since BPO services have increasingly become popular, enterprises of all sizes are turning to outsource most of their business functions to third-party vendors and take the business to new grounds by fixing focus on core activities. 

According to the Statista reports, the BPO industry is projected to reach approx $30 USD by 2021. Ever since outsourcing services have been introduced, it has taken the market by storm. The outsourcing industry is now emerging as one of the most tried-and-tested models for profitable business operations. Contracting out the critical activities benefits organizations in various ways. BPO services have flourished throughout the years being economical and convenient for enterprises making them be abreast of the growing sectors at long last.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss how outsourcing customer service are turning in advantage for industries and what are the BPO trends to peer for in the year 2021.

Why Outsourcing Is Going to Be the Next Big Thing in the Industry?

There are various strategies enterprises look forward to so that they can proliferate the business growth in less time. Outsourcing is one such business strategy companies have started building their trust upon. It is not that organizations believe more in outside personnel. The reason why businesses choose external service providers instead of internal staff is that they want their own employees to direct the company’s vision. 

  • Since an organization has a plethora of activities that leaders make a plan to carry out successfully, there are a certain set of tasks that companies believe in contracting out to third-party  IT staffing companies in order to control the cost of operation and help them scale rapidly. 
  • While organizations already decide what to outsource and whatnot, there are various parameters based on which they single out the contractors to work for them. 
  • Freelance individuals and some specific industries are there who are specialized in carrying out myriads of tasks such as recruitment, accounting, customer service, IT management, etc.

BPO, which is the backbone of an outsourcing business, is basically termed as a standard function that allows third-party service providers to handle critical business functions or those which have particularly been outsourced by a company. Enterprises believe that opting for BPO services saves them to fall into the crack. 

It is because such practices enable enterprises to become conscious of deciding between dedicated tasks that will be beneficial in many ways if subcontracted and the functions that their in-house employees can take great care of.

Top 3 Industries That Are Making the Most Out of BPO Services

To know everything about BPO and how it works in a business setting, you should research deeply into the industry. They are mainly of two types – front office and back office. The approach of business process outsourcing amalgamates these two services to work in unison rather than letting them operate individually. When BPO was newly launched, it was sustaining only a limited number of services to provide support and help businesses streamline their core functions. The rising demand for outsourcing services made BPO accelerate the market and spread its wings to support different administrative and business-oriented tasks. 

Many people confuse the process of business outsourcing with call centers. It is important to understand that call centers are one of the types of BPO. For eg – if a company wants to outsource not all but only the customer service function to the BPO, it would be termed as a call center. Since customer service is one such industry highly driven by the BPO resources, there are many noteworthy industries that are yielding the effectiveness of constant dynamism. Out of many, the undermentioned industries rely on BPO the most.


Every company needs constructive finance management because finance is one of the most essential responsibilities that an enterprise carries on its shoulder. However, employing a team of finance and accounting professionals might leave the business with over expenses. On the contrary, the poor management of financial activities can make business taste disappointment in plenty of aspects. 

There are companies who are attaining outstanding financial service from the BPO sector in order to evaluate the risk involved in finance and make their financial management plan more effective than before. Banking, insurance, accounting, and many allied services require a customized team of members who can profoundly and solely work on managing their financial activities. By outsourcing business operations and their finance activities to BPO service providers, they can ensure persuasive management of their finances.


While the healthcare profession has already become the fastest-growing sector in the USA, many esteemed business analysts believe that healthcare is one of the rapidly and the only sector evolving faster than any other in the entire world. With the help of innovative external providers, the healthcare industries are leveraging the full-fledged benefits such as improved patient outcomes, reengineering of various systems, and avoiding costly mistakes. 

Primary care is one of the sensitive provinces that have to be handled with utmost care. The right healthcare outsourcing partner ensures that all your healthcare-related initiatives are taken care of accurately even if it is about maintaining personal data or streamlining patient record management.


If there is an industry that could be nominated as one which uses the BPO services most of all, the tech industry would be a sure-shot winner. This industry often draws advantage of the BPO services in order to have greater operational flexibility. By outsourcing their critical operations to a call center company, it becomes easy for companies to monitor the applied strategies cohesively.

The personnel who work for BPO based industries apply diverse skill sets to meet unspecified business challenges. Joining hands with outsourcing partners increases productivity and efficiency which eventually gives rise to operational performance.

Five Emerging Trends That Will Change the Face of the Bpo Industry in 2021

It has now been more than two weeks since we have set foot in the year 2021. While the last year has been disruptive for most of the businesses, everyone’s eyeing to make 2021 the most of meeting business objectives. Out of many, an enhanced customer experience would be one of the areas that most of the business will focus on diligently. 

Several industries have become more precise towards minting the innovative technologies in the current and coming years. While demand for outsourcing is getting bigger, BPO is one industry that is anticipated to use many technological trends and will come out as broader than before. So if you as a business are anticipating how things will unleash for BPO in 2021, here are 5 important trends to look at.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

According to the report of Grand View Research, the AI market is expected to reach around $267 billion by 2027. Artificial intelligence is one such industry that is vastly impacting and shaping the future of almost every industry. Many enterprises, by deploying the right AI technology, has automated their business process. 

Every organization is talking about AI integration these days, seems like this is the only solution that is going to bring a copious amount of benefits to businesses which is somehow turning out to be true. The AI is integrated with many traits such as possession of data, virtual chats, automated chatbots, etc., which would result in an accelerated customer experience.

  1. Process Automation

Many BPO service providers are looking forward to investing in technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to gain a competitive advantage and streamline most of the ordinary business operations. 

With the employment of RPA and the adoption of more similar automated tools in the process, choosing an outsourcing company will set capabilities and establish objectives for the business to achieve within a specified timeline to meet client requirements. Being cost-efficient and advanced technology, RPO is garnering a lot of attention from service providers lately.

  1. Cloud Management

The biggest benefit that clouds computing and management bring to the BPO ecosystem is reduced cost and flexibility of work practice. The majority of external service providers have already begun innovating their BPO landscape by integrating cloud computing into their process. While cloud computing technology is helpful in managing data-processing workflow, its reliability is something to count upon in the first place. If we believe the reports distributed by several renowned establishments, many BPO services will soon adopt the cloud to maintain a standardized and transparent system of communication with their client.

  1. Customer-Oriented BPO Service

While every enterprise wants to leverage its customer with full-fledged services, many are still failing to meet customer expectations. The BPO industry is all about keeping the customers at the beginning and for that enterprise needs to run a customer-oriented business strategy. Among many, BPO service providers will aim to understand the customer lifecycle comprehensively via training their team to be customer-centric, create a value proposition, and treat every employee equally and well.

  1. Cybersecurity

Many organizations contract out their business functions to BPO service providers in order to get secured with their data. Since the outsourcing industry has become flexible with time, the outsourcing partner companies have become intelligent and more concerned about the risk of encountering phishers. Most of the BPO providers use VPN, firewall-protected system, and other digitally advanced technology and spare no efforts to imply strict measures for task allocation and completion.

Final Words

The outsourcing industry is anticipated to grow by leaps and bounds in 2021. There are many avant-garde resources and technological advancements and business processing outsourcing (BPO) trends that will shape the industry and make it beyond simple and repetitive. While enterprises are looking for smart solutions that can proliferate their business growth, BPO service providers, with their customized and reinventive tools, are aspiring to offer companies a blended approach of enhanced solutions. If you are still giving second thoughts to whether the BPO industry will see the growth, it certainly will.

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